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What is Transformation Coaching by Karin Kelly Lawrenz




“Karin has spent the past decade as a transformation and executive coach, mentoring, and 

motivating people. Her practical, no-nonsense approach provide tangible results and skills that help people push through the everyday challenges we all face in life, work, and love.”

As an International Transformation and Executive coach, my coaching goes much deeper and has a much greater life-enhancing impact than traditional coaching. My unique approach does more than simply assist you to make changes in the way you look, think, feel and act. As I assist you, I guide you to intentionally create a course of action that assists you to learn, change, grow, manage your emotions better and improve your communication skills. It supports you to be more calm, relaxed, focused, effective, efficient and successful in all areas of your life. This opens the pathway for you to become a better, more successful person, leader, friend and partner. My approach is more than simply about you learning, growing and changing. It is about assisting you in taking a quantum leap forward in transforming your life on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.


Online and One on One Coaching

Transformation Coach vs Life Coach

Life coaches encourage a change of action.

A transformation coach helps a client dig deeper at times to the Core. We support and encourage the client to change their self perception and self expression with raised awareness. This often involves challenging beliefs about their limitations.


The process of transformation takes commitment to explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and programming. The rewards for having this courage – and for allowing yourself to be supported in this process – is life-changing, as well as life-enhancing.

 As we explore your conscious and unconscious thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, patterns and programs, you get the opportunity to review, discard and/or upgrade the thoughts, feelings and emotions that have limited you, held you captive and sabotaged you. This transformational change happens naturally at the core level of your being, automatically upgrading your internal operating system. This creates greater momentum for additional significant positive shifts in your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours, choices, emotions and RESULTS. It also aligns and opens the pathway to your soul essence.

In simple terms, transformation coaching is focused on your self-actualization, which still includes all the benefits of traditional coaching. However, it adds the benefits of diving deep into your psyche – your operating system – and focusing on who you really are and desire to become. Transformation coaching is therefore a profound ontological – a transcendental – approach because it is about ‘Being-ness’ rather than ‘Doing-ness.’

Online and One on One Coaching Provided

What Can Transformation Coaching Help You With?


Become content with your world


Reach goals faster & ‎overcome roadblocks 


Break the cycle of limiting beliefs/self sabotage


Enabling self actualisation

At the time when I met Karin, I felt like I was stuck between a rock and hard place.  This was an awkward position to be in.  I felt unable to move forward in my life and kept on bumping against the rough edges of the situation.  Frustrated and trapped.  This left me feeling odd, unhappy and unable to see where I needed to go next.  At times I doubted my skills and abilities.  Yet, I knew that I am an incredibly gifted and able person with a great vision for my life.  The journey with Karin was liberating and transformational.  She is an insightful, inspiring coach with tremendous vision

My turning point came with the realisation of what my core values are and what it meant to me.   I was living in the anti-core for many years.  I am now able to live in an authentic and real way, totally true to myself.  I am able to   control my thought processes and feel confident to face any situation.     My future journey is mapped out.  I am walking the path to realise my full potential.  This I am doing without fear and hesitation.  Karin led me to rediscover my inner sense of worth, pride and dignity.    I have been fully transformed and am living my best life now.  I am re-energised and revitalised to create my own present and future.

Thank you, Karin, I am transformed and found myself again.

Valerie Jonathan

Karin and I have been working together for 3 months and I have found her to be of really practical help in a multitude of areas. Chiefly, she has helped instil in me a renewed confidence to go out there and make it happen, which is truly priceless. I feel like I have become my younger, more vibrant self again. I am not letting things get on top of me anymore and I don’t feel overwhelmed by circumstances. Basically, I feel like I am back in the drivers seat- not only with work, but in all areas of my life. Thank you Karin!
Tessa Plen

International Marketing Strategist, Total Potential

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