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What joins us lovely people is that we all want to be happy.

So What Does Make Us Happy?

Being In Alignment With Our Values

The debasement of values is a shame, not only because the resulting cynicism poisons the cultural well but also because it wastes a great opportunity.

When I work with a client the second session is usually reserved for core values work and I have had more breakthroughs in that one session than all of the others put together. About the very least a client gains from the process is that they understand what motivates them better. The most can be incredible light bulb moments that have on occasions meant no more sessions were needed! If you are unsure of what values (or core values as they are also called) are and why they are so important, you can check out the following blog post: What Are Core Values

Practising Gratitude

It’s been done to death, hasn’t it?

Well there’s a reason for that, because it works.

There’s a reason why psychologists will often ask patients suffering from mild to moderate depression to start a gratitude journal and that’s because it has been proven to improve happiness levels.

It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have and forget what we do have to the detriment of our happiness levels. A gentle reminder to yourself to occasionally step back and appreciate how precious life is can make a huge difference.

Setting Meaningful Goals

Notice the word meaningful there?


In other words, goals that come from the inside and are driven by your values, not doing what you think will please other people.


Some think it’s hocus-pocus but science doesn’t.

Some think it’s time consuming and boring but science doesn’t.

The link between meditation and increased happiness levels has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt.

It’s free, it’s easy (people just have a tendency to mystify it) and has also been proven to increase concentration levels, lower blood pressure, improve our ability to cope with stress, reduce anxiety and lower depression.

You’ll Be Amazed What You Can Accomplish By Following My Advice and Using All These Tactics.

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