I’ve spent the past decade coaching, mentoring, healing and motivating people. My practical, no-nonsense advice and life strategies provide tangible results and skills that help people push through the everyday challenges we all face in life, work, and love.

Yet, prior to deciding to dedicate myself to becoming a full-time professional Transformation Coach in latter years, I spent 20 years in the Financial sector which included having my own practice for 10 of those 20 years.

I was good at what I did and fairly successful.
I worked long hours, under stressful deadlines, with a lot of ungrateful clients. In short, I was always stressed out, unfulfilled and dissatisfied with my situation.
Truth be told, and I can now say this with conviction, “I hated it” (yes, I know hate is a very strong word!), I had no job satisfaction.
But because of my workaholic nature, and always needing to do my best, I lost track of other aspects of life.
15 years ago, I got divorced. I took a decision to close my financial practice.
I just couldn’t continue being a spectator in my own life story anymore.
It’s there during this time, that I tinkered at the edges of trying to find myself, Finally there I started “unlocking” my true self.
Whilst designing speaker events, I got the taste for facilitation and realised I had an aptitude for it.
Clem Sunter had an influence in my change. He looked at me one day after a speaker workshop and said: “You shouldn’t be doing this. You have the background, personality, people skills… Why don’t you facilitate?”
A few obstacles later and I began training to become a professional facilitator by attending and doing Strategic Workshops within various organisations.
However, I was still in limbo.
I then studied through the Achievement Network and profiling with Steve Woods.
You guessed right. I was slowly heading to what I do today. At that time I had no intention of becoming a full-time Development Coach. Yet the more I did it, the more I began to believe it might be my life’s calling.
From the get-go, I loved coaching, speaking and mentoring. As I kept going, my belief that I had found my niche and drive force in life was cemented.
That niche being through public talks and coaching, whereby to help transform, guide, unlock, heal and liberate others so they to can find more purpose, realise their power and enjoyment for and in their lives, this also bringing clients and teams to connect with their authentic self.  
I truly do understand when clients say that they’re looking for a change, seeking what their purpose is or what are they going to do with their life but don’t know what it is yet or how to achieve it or where to start.
Because I’ve been where they now are, struggled through the process and thankfully overcame my own limitations enough to walk away from the negative, not unscathed, but blessed and grateful to now be doing a job I absolutely love!
I wake up, loving who I am, where I’m at and most importantly, where I’m going to, never once thinking: “Please, just bury me already!”
However, I too am human and have ups and downs in life and curve balls that appear from nowhere that makes me look around and wonder if I am the lost fart in the perfume factory….truly. It is what I do next with the curve balls.
I am blessed to have two wondeful boys and two fur children that ground me when my mind is scattered and I tend to go off course.
Taking a long sabbatical while healing from a brain tumour; a miracle that afforded me a second chance at life and made me realise that I am deeply blessed to be alive, I decided to not only utilise my years of experience but also to study further as I am already a certified coach and get certified through the AUNLP (American Union of NLP in the USA) for the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

The Good News Is You Don’t Have To Wait 20 Years
Like i Did To Get Unstuck In Your Life!

Coaching succeeds by helping you work out what’s important to you, what it is you want and how to go and get it.
Whilst I take what I do with clients very seriously, making the process fun and enjoyable is just as important to me. If you enjoy laughing and smiling or are in search of your true self, then I am definitely the coach for you!
I want my clients to bounce out of bed on the days they are coming to see me because they know that they will have a great time moving towards wherever it is they want to be.
Have no fear for I am not your warden, principal or parent that’ll be on your ‘case’ and adding to your stress! That approach rarely works in my experience and it’s not something I want any part of.
Certified Life Coach - American Union of NLP (aunlp), USA
NLP Practitioner - American Union of NLP, USA
Profiling - Achievement Network, UK
Facilitation Corporate Coaching - Improving the ability of individuals, groups, teams and organisations - Achievement Process, SA
Financial Accountant - Unisa

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