Michael Edward Bradford MA

USA World Renowned International Intuitive Energy Healer, Business Consultant & Author

“Many clients need only one session to achieve their breakthrough”

By intuitively tapping into his spiritual guides, teachers, higher self and cosmic consciousness, Michael has developed the ability to almost instantly pinpoint and energetically clear the deepest mental, physical, emotional and spiritual root cause – the core issue – which had been sabotaging and blocking you, your team or your entire organization.

Michael uses his gifts to help children, adults, couples, entrepreneurs and organizations to create profound permanent life-enhancing breakthroughs.

More about Michael

Healing Your Inner Child
Cape Town

Saturday & Sunday – 1 & 2 February 2020 
Venue:  Novalis Ubuntu, 39 Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg, Cape Town

            This ground breaking transformation play-shop is focused on completely healing the unresolved early childhood shocks, traumas, abuse, bullying and wounds that are still undermining and sabotaging your Inner Child. As you heal and learn to positively re-parent your Inner Child in a healthy, nurturing way, your Inner Child will relax, calm down, feel safer and will be more willing to support you in creating more positive outcomes in your life. These include greater peace, love, joy, happiness, healthy relationships, prosperity and improved health.

            This workshop is a collaboration between Michael Edward Bradford (USA World Renowned International Energy Healer) , Prakashnee Naidoo (Spiritual Coach) and Karin Kelly Lawrenz (Transformation Coach). We have created numerous life-changing exercises, processes and fun games. There will be both personal attention and soul level healing. You will definitely never be the same – so get on this life-changing roller coaster ride. See you there.  Note: There are no prerequisites for attending this workshop.

Cost : R1,997
Call to book +27 82 745 7552 / +27 66 018 5010


The Ultimate Conscious Entrepreneur
Cape Town

Saturday & Sunday – 8 & 9 February 2020
Venue:  Novalis Ubuntu, 39 Rosmead Avenue, Wynberg, Cape Town

            This Training is designed for entrepreneurs, coaches, parents, teachers, healers, therapists, counsellors, health practitioners and business professionals who are totally committed to maximizing their business and financial success. In this workshop Michael focuses on fine-tuning and honing your skills as a Conscious Highly-Successful Intuitive Entrepreneur.

            In addition to teaching you new skills, Michael will be observing, monitoring and clearing the energy blockages and self-sabotage patterns, which had been stopping you from reaching your full potential. If you are totally committed to your business and financial success – and to being the best entrepreneur you can be – then this is the perfect training for you.

Cost : R3,500

Breakthrough to Total Freedom Workshop Johannesburg

Saturday & Sunday – 29 Feb & 1 Mar 2020
Saturday & Sunday – 7 & 8 Mar 2020
Venue Address : TBA

            This “Happening” focuses on identifying and releasing your blockages. Michael works with you multiple times during the workshop, identifying the source of your blockages, then explains how and when they were created and finally assists you in dissolving them to ensure that they do not return. As each person breaks free, everyone attending learns, clears and benefits.

            Participants report many improvements including gaining greater clarity, intuition, health, healing, spiritual growth, improved relationships, joy, happiness, success and finances. They feel calmer, more relaxed, happier, more focused, productive and experience oneness, effortlessly flow, ease, grace and fun.

           This workshop focuses on clearing your energy so you are more energetically clear, present and successful.

Max 24 people – R5,000

Workshop Bookings +27 66 018 5010

Private Healing Sessions 

One on One, Skype and Zoom

1 Hour – R1,350

Bookings +27 66 018 5010

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